Central London Waterline Tour

Who knew central London had so many waterline opportunities; For the two weeks that I’ve been working in the capital this summer, I’ve done more waterlining here than any other place that I’ve travelled before. Life is great! There are so many water basins and docks here that possibilities are almost endless! 

No.1 go-to spot is Shadwell basin. A swimming area surrounded by housing with plenty of anchoring options. Here there are lines possible from 15m up to 60m (any longer and they would have to have some serious longline tension).

Next perfect spot is in Silvertown. The view of the sunsets here are amazing and add a lot to a session. During the mornings, the water is incredibly still and to me really seems like the perfect way to start the day!

I can’t wait to find an excuse to go back to London for some more waterlining- thanks for everything Chill!

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