To me, everything in that phrase sounds awesome. I was here in Leipzig last summer and we tried to rig a line in this secret abandoned factory district. As we were rigging, the site security came and forced us to stop the project. For one year I have been dreaming of going back and yesterday we finally went.

The line that we rigged was the most beautiful line in the area I think. Two huge storage buildings with 5 storeys and huge exposure. Height the line was about 20-25m and we rigged it with double sonic with about 4m of sag.

It was just me and Viktor rigging and we had some help from Linus and we used Marcel’s piece of webbing. The rig took us about 2 hours and then we were set.

The line was so beautiful surrounded by a huge open space to the sides. Trees and nature mixed with an urban environment made for an epic little project.

We sessioned the line tag-team style until sunset. And derigging took us around 30 minutes.

I walked the line there and back onsight and I practiced walking blind. I walked the majority of the line blind with 1 catch and managed to mount comfortably with my blindfold on for the first time.

I can feel myself improving but I need to be less nervous about committing when I’m blind. I often imagine the line in front of me just stable and not moving and this mixed with steady breathing helps me to control the line’s movements.

A short edit of the day: https://vimeo.com/133139479










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