Quarry Quarrels

Nature vs Man… An industrial world long forgotten… Overgrown and magical… Middle Peak Quarry is the ultimate UK highline spot. This place has potential for 400m+ highlines all at around 80-120m of height. We arrived on a warm Thursday night. The team was made up of Dane and myself from Newcastle, Sarah from York, andContinue reading “Quarry Quarrels”

Central London Waterline Tour

Who knew central London had so many waterline opportunities; For the two weeks that I’ve been working in the capital this summer, I’ve done more waterlining here than any other place that I’ve travelled before. Life is great! There are so many water basins and docks here that possibilities are almost endless!¬† No.1 go-to spotContinue reading “Central London Waterline Tour”


To me, everything in that phrase sounds awesome. I was here in Leipzig last summer and we tried to rig a line in this secret abandoned factory district. As we were rigging, the site security came and forced us to stop the project. For one year I have been dreaming of going back and yesterdayContinue reading “ABANDONED URBAN HIGHLINES”

Malham Times

Once again, Malham was calling me. The cove’s force field, attracting me towards the gap. In the first week of February I returned to the Dales with Sarah. We arrived on Friday night and first thing Saturday we rigged the line. To make it more¬†difficult, we quadrupled the weight of the line. Essentially we wereContinue reading “Malham Times”

Jesmond Dream

You do know that there’s a highline spot 10 mins from where you live right? “Take me there!” I said to Dane. So when we were dry from the waterlining we took our bikes an cycled to Jesmond Dene. The Dene is a beautiful forest valley running straight through the two principal housing districts ofContinue reading “Jesmond Dream”