Highline Performer


With over 10 years of experience, slackline has become a way of life for Dan. Approaching the future step by step on the long and winding line of life. Passionate beyond reason, Dan continues to push the limits of the discipline, constantly combining his passions in a search for the impossible. 

A tune for the birds


Until recently, slacklining was not a part of the circus world. Bringing the balance art to circus and theatre since 5 years, Dan uses control and finesse to execute never before seen feats up in the skies and down on the streets. 



Where are the limits of human exploration? What does it mean to access the inaccessible? Is it that space, the void, the window in the sky? A space outside of our natural habitat. We strive to rig the un-rigable, to walk where nobody has set foot. Follow the blog to see news from Dan’s recent and upcoming expeditions.


Jamming with the whales, hitchhiking in the desert, dreaming new ways of social interaction… Follow Dan’s social feeds for punctual updates on the go. Instagram stories, facebook posts, blog articles are all part of the package. Featuring interviews, life-hacks, and behind the scenes! 


As a seasoned slackliner with over a decade of experience, Dan’s passion for the sport has only grown stronger over time. He specializes in freestyle highlining and is always on the lookout for new challenges and opportunities to teach and participate in events and festivals. Dan’s dedication to pushing the limits of the discipline is matched only by his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and love of the sport with others.



Dan’s love of slacklining extends beyond the realm of sport and into the world of collaboration. With a keen eye for innovation and a desire to create unique projects, Dan is always seeking out new opportunities to bring people together and forge connections across cultures and continents. Whether he’s working with local artists and musicians or partnering with global organizations to tackle larger issues, Dan’s passion for collaboration is driven by a desire to make a positive impact in the world.

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